Mario Costabile "Array of Hope" - Lisa Hendey & Friends #124

On this week's show,  Array of Hope  creator Mario Costabile joins us to discuss how dynamic virtual retreats and events like  "Rise Up"  can draw the Church closer to God and one another.   About Mario Costabile:   Mario Costabile is the Executive Director of Array of Hope. A devout Catholic and family man, Mario has been a successful producer for music, film, and television for over 35 years, having worked for such organizations as MTV, VH1, Discovery Channel, Sony Music, and Def Jam Records. Mario is committed to utilizing his talents to do God's will in the development of Array of Hope and its vision to unite families and help them grow closer to God.   About Array of Hope:   Array of Hope has created  "Rise Up" , a one-of-a-kind digital event personalized for parishes, schools, and other Catholic organizations seeking to catechize and evangelize in a COVID-19 reality. Rise Up provides a remote experience that is dynamic, inspirational, and interactive,

Becky Eldridge "The Inner Chapel" - Lisa Hendey & Friends #123

On this week's show, Becky Eldridge is here to discuss her new Loyola Press book  The Inner Chapel: Embracing the Promises of God   as she offers insights and prayer practices to help us grow ever closer to God.   About Becky Eldridge:   Becky is an Ignatian-trained spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and writer, with nearly twenty years of ministry experience within the Catholic Church. She is the author of the Busy Lives and Restless Souls (2017) and The Inner Chapel (2020). Her greatest joy is sharing life with her husband, Chris, and her children, Brady, Abby, and Mary. Visit her at .   About The Inner Chapel:   In her recent book,  The Inner Chapel: Embracing the Promises of God ,  Becky Eldredge offers down-to-earth stories, prayer reflections, and encouragement for spiritual growth and a deeper walk with Christ. While offering practices on how to enter the inner chapel, the place within where God meets us, each chapter provides an opportunity to refle

Jessica Ptomey "Home in the Church" - Lisa Hendey & Friends #121

On this week's show, Jessica Ptomey, author of the book   Home in the Church: Living an Embodied Catholic Faith , invites listeners to consider their own faith perspectives by sharing her personal journey into the Catholic Church.   About Jessica Ptomey:   Jessica Ptomey is a Catholic convert, wife, mom, writer, Communications scholar and professor, and homeschooler. She blogs at . She is the author of  Home in the Church: Living an Embodied Catholic Faith , and her research in inter-faith dialogue has been published in the Journal of Communication and Religion (JCR). She is also the co-host with her husband Mike of The Catholic Reading Challenge podcast.   About Home in the Church:   Home in the Church  calls Catholics living in the modern world back to a distinctly Catholic way of living and vision of Mother Church as the home on earth that is leading them to their heavenly home. Catholic Convert, Jessica Ptomey, describes her journey to a more embodied Christi

Fr. Sebastian Walshe "Understanding Marriage and Family" - Lisa Hendey & Friends #120

On this week's show, Fr. Sebastian Walshe, author of the new book  Understanding Marriage & Family: A Catholic Perspective , offers pastoral thoughts on contemporary marriage and family life.   About Fr. Sebastian Walshe:   Originally from Pasadena, Fr. Sebastian Walshe is a Norbertine Canon of the Abbey of St. Michael in the Diocese of Orange, California, where he is the dean of studies for the seminary program. After completing his studies at Thomas Aquinas College in California, he continued studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., receiving a license in Philosophy. Later, he attended the Pontifical University of St. Thomas at Rome (the Angelicum) where he received a Masters in Sacred Theology and a Doctorate in Philosophy.   About Understanding Marriage & Family: A Catholic Perspective:   In this book Fr. Sebastian explains and defends the traditional understandings of marriage and family so that the goodness and beauty of marriage and family ca

Cathy Gilmore "Tiny Virtue Heroes" - Lisa Hendey & Friends #119

On this week's show, Cathy Gilmore, creator of  Tiny Virtue Heroes , helps us understand how even small creatures can teach us to be virtuous superheroes!   About Cathy Gilmore:   “Mrs. Virtue Lady” Cathy Gilmore is an award-winning children's author, educator, and virtue advocate. Her passion is to help families grow virtue-strong in simple, creative, and JOYFUL ways.   About Tiny Virtue Heroes:   Tiny Virtue Heroes  are pretend friends who turn children’s IMAGINATION into a sacred training space, in which everyday habits are powered by God’s grace to become real-life super-powers! These animal and insect characters are friendly “sidekick” storytellers, who introduce kids to Virtue Heroes from the Bible and from the Virtue Mission Regions of the world. Pretending with the Virtue Heroes can make children virtue-STRONG! One by one, a series of storybooks are emerging to bring these characters to life in an especially vivid way. The first story,  A Mouse and a Miracle , is availa

Dr. Joseph White "Listening for God" - Lisa Hendey & Friends #118

On this week's show, Dr. Joseph White offers encouragement and support for our spiritual journey as we discuss his new  Our Sunday Visitor  book  Listening for God in Everyday Life .   About Dr. Joseph White:   Dr. Joseph White is a child and family psychologist and Director of Catechetical Resources for OSV Publishing. He is the author of 11 books, including the newly-released  Listening for God in Everyday Life .   About Listening for God in Everyday Life:   God is speaking to us all the time, but we have to learn to hear his voice. Drawing on his personal experience, Joseph reveals the means God uses to speak directly to our hearts. Some of these may even surprise you! They include Silence, Gifts and Talents, Scripture, Creation, Humor, Tradition, Art, Liturgy, Saints, Struggle, Children, Relationship, and People in Need. When we learn to hear it, God's voice opens our hearts to his love, deepening our relationship with the one who knows us better than we know ourselves. How

Soren and Ever Johnson "Trinity House" - Lisa Hendey & Friends #117

On this week's show,  Trinity House  community founders  Soren and Ever Johnson  open their hearts and their spiritual home to us.   About Soren and Ever Johnson:   Soren and Ever Johnson, parishioners at St. John the Apostle, Leesburg, VA, are proud parents of five children. They founded the nonprofit Trinity House Community and its Trinity House CafĂ© with a mission to inspire families to live together with God, making their homes a little taste of heaven to share with others for the renewal of faith and culture. Soren formerly served as Director of Evangelization for the Diocese of Arlington, VA, and his writing has appeared in the Washington  Post,  Columbia, and the Arlington  Catholic Herald.  Ever formerly served as Research Assistant to papal biographer George Weigel and has been published in Magnificat. They both hold M.A.s in theology and have presented at numerous conferences and workshops.   About Trinity House:   Co-founded and co-directed by Soren and Ever Johnson, Tri